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Centerpiece Rolling Stock
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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in Ulster. We have a lot of fun here, building and weathering HO rolling stock. We spend time around real trains so we can weather our rolling stock to be prototypical and NO, we do not work for the railroad.

All cars start out as kits. They are trimmed, weighted to N.M.R.A. specs and hand weathered to look prototypical.

We use laser cut wooden floors, KD whisker couplers, smooth back wheels,ribbed back wheels, wheel end splashes, under board floors, Athearn Bettendorf truck frames, Accurail Bettendorf truck frames, wooden roof walks, KD draft gear boxes, etc.

We work hard to make these the best looking model trains you have ever seen.

Centerpiece Rolling Stock ® 3136 Robinson RD, Ulster, PA 18850

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